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Veyrat - De los Rios

Marie-France Veyrat, Lyon (1951) and Jaime de los Ríos, San Sebastián (1982).

Marie-France Veyrat.

After living in Grenoble, she moves to the province of Tarragona where she still lives and works. She is a versatile artist who brings out a constant interest in investigating and experimenting in art creation using different languages such as textile, paintings, three/dimensional, installations, digital compositions and land art. Her work is based on lived experiences, memories and travels stored in her daily life which she transforms into real objects or virtual works. Every work represents a lived instant which is part of herself at some point in her life. She has been a teacher in Tríptic School in Reus. She is a founding member and the current president of the jury of the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Award. She has published three monographic catalogues for the occasion of her solo exhibitions.

Jaime de Los Rios.

Founder of the open laboratory of Art and Science Arteklab, his career focuses on the intersection of these disciplines and Systemics, in relation to mechanisms, rhythms and natural patterns. His work concerns the space between human aspirations and the politics of technological language, therefore he is a specialist in Free Software and Hardware, finding in his work, much of which is collaborative, immersive environments as well as dynamic works that relate natural behavior with computational. In recent years Jaime has explored the social implications of media, cybernetics and the human-machine relationship, exhibiting, acting and developing open projects in working groups, supporting international artists and developing protocols for horizontal creation and production.

Work at the collection: La Forme De l´Eau.

Veyrat - De los Rios

La Forme De l´Eau. Poétique D’un Instant 2019-2022

How do we preserve our memories?

Memory tends to dissipate the form. In the drift of our most rational thought, we tend to scientificize our memories: where, how, when... Computable and direct data that in most cases reduces the experience of what has been lived to a list of items.

La forme de l’eau converts a tangible memory into its most poetic elements,freezing an instant and making it infinite.
An installation made with scientific and physical installation of fluids to capture the fall of water and emulate its shape in 3D printing, which no longer falls, but rises as in the language of dreams opposed to Newtonian laws, and rendered algorithms in real time, which follow one another choreographically in parallel
with the first-person account of Marie-France, who shares her voice to narrate a discovery.

Ironizing about the speed of consumption and the eagerness for novelty in contemporary society, Veyrat and de los Ríos invite us to reflect from the contemplation and poetics of the moment.

It was a spring day when I came across the falling water....​

Veyrat - De los Rios
Veyrat - De los Rios

Veyrat - De los Rios

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