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ARCO - BEEP Electronic Art Award

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Established in 2006 the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Award, carried out in collaboration with the ARCOmadrid International Contemporary Art Fair, has been set as the origin, the triggering element, of the .NewArt { collection;} formerly known as the .BEEP { Collection;}.



Scrawl, Daniel Canogar. Max Estrella Gallery. Booth 9B22
Exploding Cell, Peter Halley. Senda Gallery, Booth 9B23.

The 19th ARCO/BEEP Award for Electronic Art 2024, awarded in collaboration with the Arts Connection Foundation, is granted to Daniel Canogar for his work "Scrawl" (2023) exhibited at  Max Estrella Gallery, and to Peter Halley for his work "Exploding Cell" (1983) exhibited at Senda Gallery.

Without a doubt, Daniel Canogar is one of the great figures of Spanish contemporary art, with an aesthetic and experimental development that has made him a critically acclaimed figure. His works synthesize information, data, cultural contexts, and at the same time, reformulate the notion of the pictorial. In the awarded piece, graffie emerges from interactions on social networks that ultimately form a labyrinth of signs or a palimpsest that saturates the space only to be erased and resurface. In the tsunami of datafication, in the era of global surveillance, Daniel Canogar reveals the historical strata of abstraction and urges us to read beyond the evidence.

Peter Halley is the master of neo-geo painEng, and in this case, the awarded piece, "Exploding Cell" (1983), is a pioneering work in "digital animaEon" that generates spaces from lines. These cells allude to both the "grid" of Foucault's society of control and the circuits of computers. The .NewArt { colletion;}, formerly known as the Beep Colletion of Electronic Art, thus incorporates a work that contributes to completing a genealogy of media and its expansion in the artistic field.

With these two awarded artists and works, the .NewArt { collection;} clearly states its commitment to contemporary art and aesthetic-technological developments. Its highly important colletion is enriched by these two additions.

Both works will be exhibited at the upcoming edition of the Miami New Media Festival, in its twentieth edition.

The ARCO/BEEP Prize for Electronic Art is clearly a success case of ARCO in promoting collecting. Aqer 19 years of collaboration, it has not only resulted in a collection that is an international reference, but its Foundation, the .NewArt { foundation;}, is currently building an Art Center in  Reus specialized in the production and conservation of technological artistic heritage. It will be inaugurated in the fall of 2024.

For any additional information or inquiries about the ARCO/BEEP Electronic Art Award, please contact:

Vicente Matallana

History of winners:


First edition: Eduardo Kac, Ricardo Iglesias & Gerald Kogler.

Second edition: Christophe Bruno, Davide Grassi.

Third edition: José Manuel Berenguer.

Fourth edition: Ubermorngen.

Fifth edition: Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus.

Sixth edition: Anaisa Franco.

Seventh edition: Marcela Armas.

Eighth edition: Charles Sandison.

Ninth edition: Manu Arregui, Manuel Fernández, Andrés Pachón.

Tenth edition: Analivia Cordeiro.

Eleventh edition: Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau.

Twelfth edition: Lugán. Daniel Canogar and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer received jointly the Honorable Award.

Thirteenth edition: Eugenio Ampudia.

Fourteenth edition: Mariano Sardón & Mariano Sigman.

Fifteenth edition: Joan Foncuberta & Pilar Rosado.

Sixteenth edition: Marina Núñez

Seventeenth edition: Lúa Coderch, Julia Múgica, Lluís Nacenta                         and Iván Paz.

Eighteenth edition: Peter Weibel, Evru Zush.

Nineteenth edition: Daniel Conogar, Peter Halley.


Nineteenth ARCO - BEEP Electronic Art Award Ceremony, 2024

Entrega Premio - Jurado.jpg

First ARCO - BEEP Electronic Art Award Ceremony, 2006

First ARCO  BEEP Electronic Art Award
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