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ARCO - BEEP Electronic Art Award



Opaulo, Evru. Galería Senda.


Media May Rewind Reality, Peter Weibel. Galería Beckers + Kornfeld.


This edition of the ARCO/BEEP Award acknowledges the trajectory of two pioneers of contemporary art, true referents of creation generated from technological developments, and capable of sedimenting extraordinary symbolic worlds. The .NewArt { collection;}, formerly known as the Beep Collection, therefore rewards these artists with an unquestionable international career. Evru/Zush anticipates, in a sense, the metaverse and connects post-surrealist drawing with territories of the imagination that open up thought beyond the usual; the piece acquired by the .NewArt { collection;}, formerly known as the Beep Collection, is a digital print on canvas titled "Opaulo", with acrylic paint that functions as a pictorial "hybrid" that seems to invite us to change our gaze in relation to a pixelated world. Peter Weibel is a creator and curator who has been decisive in the development of electronic art, making video pieces, actions and installations that are now part of the canonical history of the most advanced art. "Media May Rewind Reality" is a kind of vanitas, in which the simple image of a candle flame once again raises the theme of temporality and finitude in a loop in which what is consumed also grows in a strange specularity that inverts appearances. The works of these artists, by becoming part of the .NewArt { collection;}, formerly known as the Beep Collection, make visible the genealogy of experimental-electronic art, with its complex temporalities and, also, with its singular capacity to arouse an aesthetic experience of contemplation in which we understand that "time is the age of things”.

Established in 2006 the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Award, carried out in collaboration with the ARCOmadrid International Contemporary Art Fair, has been set as the origin, the triggering element, of the .BEEP { Collection;}.


The goal of this Award is to advance the production and exhibition of Electronic Art. Its purpose is to promote new high-tech art, and to foster communication between the manufacturers/creators of this new technology and those who create art. A natural collaboration, which will benefit and enrich both sides.

History of winners:


First edition: Eduardo Kac, Ricardo Iglesias & Gerald Kogler.

Second edition: Christophe Bruno, Davide Grassi.

Third edition: José Manuel Berenguer.

Fourth edition: Ubermorngen.

Fifth edition: Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus.

Sixth edition: Anaisa Franco.

Seventh edition: Marcela Armas.

Eighth edition: Charles Sandison.

Ninth edition: Manu Arregui, Manuel Fernández, Andrés Pachón.

Tenth edition: Analivia Cordeiro.

Eleventh edition: Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau.

Twelfth edition: Lugán. Daniel Canogar and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer received jointly the Honorable Award.

Thirteenth edition: Eugenio Ampudia.

Fourteenth edition: Mariano Sardón & Mariano Sigman.

Fifteenth edition: Joan Foncuberta & Pilar Rosado.

Sixteenth edition: Marina Núñez

Seventeenth edition: Lúa Coderch, Julia Múgica, Lluís Nacenta and Iván Paz.

Eighteenth edition: Evru Zush, Peter Weibel.

ARCO - BEEP Electronic Art Award

This year's ARCO - BEEP Electronic Art Award Ceremony

First ARCO  BEEP Electronic Art Award Ceremony 2006

First ARCO - BEEP Electronic Art Award Ceremony, 2006

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