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Patrick Alain Tresset

Patrick Alain Tresset, Noyon, 1967.

From a very young age in France, Patrick discovered and practiced computer science, painting, drawing and sculpture. After graduating in computer science, Patrick moved to London to devote himself to painting. Between 1991 and 2003, his work was shown in solo and group exhibitions in London and Paris.

Artist and researcher

Ateliers Tresset

Goldsmiths College, U. of London

Especially for his performative installations that use robotic agents as stylized actors who follow a set of instructions and for his exploration of the practice of drawing through the use of computer systems and robots.

In "Human Study #1", a multi-award winning series of performative installations, a human being is drawn live by various robots in a twenty-minute session. Both viewers and participants often define the robot's attention as a surprising element. In the last three years, Tresset's research has focused on creating other series of installations, including the development of a new robot (RNR). Instead of making it strongly influenced by human behavior that is perceived as familiar, like the robots in "Human Study #1," he is exploring ways to make the robot (RNR) be perceived as something alien, unfamiliar, and strange.

Patrick Alain Tresset

"RNR" 2022

It is a mediating piece, in which the author investigates how having a robot looking at us with a different and unknown perception system affects our perception. As animals, if attention is directed towards us, we have to evaluate it instantly: can we eat it? Will it eat us? As humans, the way we are observed triggers a flood of emotions. What if we can't decode the observer's intent? And what will the robot draw if it sees it differently? The goal of the final installation will be to get the emotions of the human being being drawn during ten-minute sessions to progressively shift from unease to intrigue, reassurance, attraction and fascination.

This project has been awarded the ISEA2022 Barcelona Grant from .Beep Collection and NewArtFoundation.

Patrick Alain Tresset
Patrick Alain Tresset

Patrick Alain Tresset

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