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FakeShop, New York, 1997.

FakeShop is a collaborative group founded and led by the New York artist Jeff Gompertz in 1997. One of its principal characteristics is the mobility of its members according to the piece to be produced. Its activity is centred on technological performances that question and project human reality before technological society, a cyberorganized being observed and conditioned by, and subject to developments derived from the age of computation from a dystopian perspective.

Due to the fact that the work of FakeShop is essentially based on installations and complex performances, its work as artefact is limited.

They have exhibited at BACC, Bangkok, and Public interventions, Bangkok, 2012, WTF, Bangkok, 2011, BACC, Bangkok, 2010, HYCAC, Beijing, 2008, A-space, Beijing, and 798 arts festival, Beijing, 2007, Super-deluxe, Tokyo 2006, ARCO art fair, Madrid 2005, Cooper Hewitt Museum, NYC, 2003, Franklin Furnace, NYC, 2002, Deitch Projects, NYC and The Kitchen, NYC 2001, Whitney Museum, NYC and Eyebeam, NYC, 2000, Ars Electronica, Linz, 1999, among others.

Works at the collection: “HUHB 387” and “HUHB 492”


“HUHB 387” and “HUHB 492”, 2000

The Human Use of Human Beings (HUHB)

These prints were created during the installation HUHB, and come from a collection of similar screen grab captures produced during that installation at Eyebeam Atelier, NYC., 2000. In particular they are ‘double monitor’ screen grabs of a somewhat complicated setup of 8 computers each running their own *CU-SeeMe video chat webcam window and running in a live chat session over a public server ‘reflector’ site.

The set-up of these computers happened as an off-site project for the Whitney Biennial 2000, as part of the museums first inclusion of net art into the Biennial Eyebeam allowed Fakeshop use the space at that time, which was an empty Chelsea garage building before they started renovation. It was a fun process getting the ISDN line installed there.

​Work on deposit from LaAgencia Collection.



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