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Darya von Berner

Darya von Berner, Ciudad de México, 1959.

Darya von Berner begins her trajectory at the New York School of Visual Arts with Milton Glaster and continues in Europe with Enzo Cucchi, Wolf Vostell, Janis Kounellis and Tony Cragg.

Around 1984 she begins her career as an artist, receiving diverse prizes and grants that lead her first to Paris and then to Italy after receiving the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts Grant in Rome. In 1991 she begins a long international voyage with exhibitions in diverse galleries in Europe and America and a habitual presence in successive editions of Art Basel, ARCOmadrid and Art Cologne.

More recently she is involved in public art projects such as the series titled “Atmospheres,” in which she create real clouds around architectural monuments. The first of these interventions took place in Madrid in 2007 when she wrapped the Alcalá Gate in a cloud. This artistic intervention had a widespread media impact and since then she has received numerous invitations to create “Atmospheres” in Paris, Brussels, Córdoba, etc. Her most recent work is “Universal Peace Flag” installed in front of the Palace of Peace in the Hague. Other installations are those which she executes with lineal light in emblematic spaces of modern architecture from the beginning of the 20th century.

For Darya von Berner, the practice of art is means for the production of critical significance, always in dialogue with the surrounding world.

Work at the collection: Untitled, 1997.

Darya von Berner

Untitled, 1997

Form a line, never a point! Speed transform the point into a line! Be fast, even while standing still!

Cf. Paul Virilio “Vehiculaire, en Nomades et Vagabonds”, 10/18, p.44.

Work on deposit from LaAgencia Collection.

Darya von Berner
Darya von Berner

Darya von Berner

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