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Anaisa Franco

Anaisa Franco, Uberlândia, 1981.

Searching for the expansion of the senses, Anaisa Franco creates interfaces that artistically elaborate an “affective” situation where people expand their senses through the interaction with the sculptures, creating new forms, relationships and experiences between people, the subjects chosen and the technological material that we have available in the market.

She has a Master of Advanced Architecture at IAAC Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona. One year of M-Arch 1 at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, a master’s degree MA in Digital Art and Technology from the University of Plymouth in England and a BA Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from FAAP in São Paulo.

In the last years she has been developing Responsive Public art Installations and New media Artworks for Museums, Public spaces, Galleries, Medialabs, Residencies and Commissions such as Shanghai City Life Festival, Medialab Prado, Mecad, MIS, Hangar, Taipei Artist Village, China Academy of Public Art Research Center, Mediaestruch, Cite des Arts, ZKU, SP_Urban, MAC Fenosa, VIVID Sydney, EXPERIMENTA Biennale Melbourne, RUMOS Itaú Cultural, URBE, and many others.

Her work “Expanded Eye” won the 6th edition of the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Award

Works at the collection: - Expanded Eye
- Neuronnection

Anaisa Franco

Expanded Eye, 2008

Expanded Eye is an interactive light sculpture composed by a big transparent eye sculpture suspended from the ceiling; the big eye looks to the user, but it's in fact user's eye which is projected inside the sculpture. The sculpture recognizes the user’s eye blinking and generates an interactive animation based on it. Each blink of the user multiplies the number of eyes in the projection in a fragmented, hexagonal and dislocated way. The core of the piece is to expand the view of human beings, transforming the view into a multiple and hexagonal expansion as the ultra complex insect’s compounds eyes structure.

Expanded Eye project was developed during Interactivos 2008 at Medialab Prado in Madrid. It was developed in collaboration with: Jacqueline Steck, Alvaro Cassinelli, Carles Gutiérrez, Oswald Aspilla Pérez

Anaisa Franco
Anaisa Franco

Neuronnection. 2021

NEURONNECTION is an interactive installation that connects the thoughts of the spectators inside a parametric light sculpture that allows people to play and control sensitive light reactions using their own thoughts.

The installation creates an interface with the brain, which immerses the user inside their own thoughts. The creation of the shape and interactivity was inspired on how our thoughts are created inside the mind. Our thoughts come from the activity of neurotransmitters that generates electrical signals (synapses) in neighbouring neurons, which propagate like a wave to thousands of neurons, leading to thought formation.

The user will wear the device Nextmind to interact with the work. interactivity of the installation occurs when people look to Neurotags, which activates movement of ligts.

The main idea o the project is to immerse and mirror humans inside their own thoughts and let them control and play with their own imagination.


Parametric structure by In_generic
Interactive software by Antonio Mechas
Visuals, mapping and documentation by VPMAP
Sound design by Inertia
3D print Fabrication by Ana Correa and Agustin Cervai

Neuronnection was funded by a production and exhibition grant by Institut Ramon Llull, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, La Caldera, NewArtFoundation and Hangar for Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona 2021.

Anaisa Franco

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