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MISSION: To help the artistic community position new scientific, technical and conceptual formulas in Art, to make them known and to educate society, enabling it to appreciate Art at its intersection with Science and Technology as an expression of the most forward looking ideas. newartfoundation

VISION: In accordance with our mission we choose the art emerging from the cybernetics, so that with the invaluable help of the industry and scientific and technological researchers, artists might create new horizons that fuse Art, Science and Technology in innovative, experimental and creative ways.

VALUESNAF is born with a clearly universal concept, entirely altruistic and open, highly
technological and oriented to the marketplace. Professionalism, generosity, the creative vanguard spirit and above all the Love of Art are the values that motivate the members of the NAF to generate an initiative that will intellectually elevate today’s society and rekindle its passion for culture.

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