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Art, science and technology

The .NewArt { foundation;} is based in the city of Reus, Catalonia. Its ambition is to help the artistic community to develop new technological, scientific, conceptual and social practices. The Foundation disseminates art at its intersection and transgression with science and technology as a strategy of development and social empowerment. It acts not only as a witness, but as an active agent.


One of its main challenges is the development, conservation and preservation of an artistic legacy linked to science and technology, within the framework of its collection, the .NewArt { collection;}.


The .NewArt { foundation;} is recognized not only for what it collects, but also for how it does: it has generated a new type of collecting, promoting programs of production, conservation and patronage of technological art, encouraging debates around issues related to the introduction of new technologies into art. A collection that is not limited to buying works of art in the market, but is recognized for its collaboration programs by making open calls for production with other organizations and institutions. Under the patronage of the Rodríguez-Veyrat family, this collection of electronic and digital artworks has grown to become one of the most relevant in the world.


The .NewArt { foundation;} & {collection;} are active members of the vibrant Catalan ecosystem. They are cofounders of HacTe, the new art, science and technology hub in Barcelona. This hub is promoted by Catalan institutions of great relevance to make Barcelona a global center for research, training, transfer, dissemination and production in this field.


In collaboration with several Catalan institutions and organizations, the .NewArt { foundation;} & { collection;} have expanded its scope internationally. With stable collaboration programs with centers such as V2 a in Rotterdam or Ars Electronica in Linz, among others, and through their works loan program, they have collaborated with the main state and European institutions. With HacTe, a member of the New European Bauhaus, they strengthen Catalan culture and ecosystem as a focus of innovation and creation in Europe.


The New Art Foundation is the promoter of the pan-European consortium NASS (New Art Sustainability Services) composed of Eurecat-Barcelona, V2.LAB-Rotterdam, NIAL-Barcelona, Fraunhofer-Munic, Gallerie Charlot-Paris and the Foundation itself. NASS aims to provide the technological art community with a wide range of services and expertise, in order to develop sustainable production methodologies that ensure the preservation of this legacy for future generations.

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