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Photo Flavien Théry and Fred Murie


Flavien Théry, Paris, 1973,

& Fred Murie, Rennes, 1972.

Spéculaire brings together the artists Flavien Théry and Fred Murie to develop projects that bring into play physical forms, perceptive phenomena and digital technologies. The installations, objects and applications resulting from this association seek to manifest, within the real, the presence of immaterial dimensions, like new unsuspected realities…


Flavien Théry was born in Paris in 1973. He graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg and lives and works in Rennes. After a career in the world of design, his research is now part of a lineage between the optical and kinetic art movement and current practices using new media, with a particular interest in the relationship between art and science. He intends, through his artistic proposals, to explore the whole spectrum of light, visible and invisible, undulatory and corpuscular, material and spiritual.


Fred Murie was born in Rennes in 1972. He lives and works in BriSany. Following a scientific career, Fred Murie has affirmed an artistic ambition that continues to be nourished by this initial training. This double identity has led him from painting to digital experimentation until today to develop a practice by which language becomes form. Whether visual, verbal or digital, language allows him to question reality through a system of constraints. The constraint is considered here as a set of rules that must be subverted and transcended in order to reveal their creative force. By emancipating himself from the rules, he produces hybrid and paradoxical forms like so many enigmas aiming at disturbing our senses. Fred Murie works to create frames that open up new perspectives through which our imagination can unfold.


Work at the collection: Oracle

artwork Oracle

Oracle, 2016.




A screen shows a visual ‘noise’ pattern evoking the cathodic snow. When the spectator skims this random image, some typographical forms appear and disappear as soon as the movement stops.


As during a spiritualism session, Oracle spells out words which will be as many messages sent by a mysterious entity. Thus, from a seemingly empty space, signs of a hypothetical technological beyond emerge.

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