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Photo Davide_Grassi

Davide Grassi, Bergamo, 1970.

Davide Grassi is a Slovenian artist of Italian origin, who lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  His work has a strong social connotation and is characterized by an intermedia approach.  He is the author of numerous videos, performances, installations, documentaries and intermedia projects.  He is co-founder and member of the Bast Collective (1999) and of the open research platform for interventions in public spaces SilentCell Network (2003). He is co-founder (2002) and artistic director of Aksioma -Institute of contemporary art.

artwork Brainloop, 2007

Brainloop, 2007


The work of Slovenian artist Davide Grassic consists of an interactive platform that uses a BCI computer system that can be operated only by imagining specific motor commands.  In the performance "Brainloop", the subject, Markus Rapp, is able to investigate urban areas and rural landscapes that he sees on Google Earth. He selects the location, camera, angles and positions and records the images in sequences in a virtual world. In the second part of the performance, he returns to the footage and uses Brainloop to compose a soundtrack, selecting and manipulating audio recordings in real time, which sound designer Brane Zorman places in the physical space.  The virtual environment allows the audience to perceive the events in 3D. The work is the result of a collaboration between Slovenian artists and Austrian scientists.

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