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andy gracie

Andy Gracie, London, 1967.


He works in disciplines including installation, robotics, sound, video and electronic media.


He employs scientific theory and practice to question our relationships with exploration and experiment whilst simultaneously bringing into focus the very relationship between art and science. His work involves engagements with space research, cosmology and deep time, and features an ongoing examination of semiotics, simulation theory and or post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Massive Binaries, 2023


The work develops two overlapping narratives about the processes and phenomena of interactions within binary systems. The gravitational wave detection of merging neutron stars serves as one system, and contemporary polarized ideologies serve as the other. The bridging mechanism between them is the use of AI as a tool for enhancing information on the one hand, and as an eraser of truth and meaning on the other. Interactions between massive systems generate strange outcomes and new forms of information, while artificial intelligence plays a sort of schizophrenic role in data manipulation. While the gravitational waves from the neutron star merger rippled through spacetime over tens of millions of years, clashes between increasingly entrenched belief systems caused destabilizing and coercive reinterpretations of value and truth.

Massive Binaries is the result of the RANDA Art|Science Residency, organized by the Institut Ramon Llull and hosted by Ars Electronica and the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST), in collaboration with the Hac Te, produced by the NewArtFoundation.

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