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Photo Alba G. Corral

Alba G. Corral, Madrid, 1977.

Based in Catalunya is a Visual Artist and creative coder with a background in computer engineering, Corral has been creating generative art using software and coding for the past decade. Her practice spansacross live performance, video, digital media and installation, exploring abstract narratives and expressing sensitivity and taste for colour. By combining generative systems with improvised drawing techniques, her digital language becomes organic, creating mesmerising digital landscapes. Corral is known for her stunning live audio-visual performances where she integrates real-time coding and drawing in collaboration with musicians.

Artwork Papallona de l'Alfocada 2021

"Papallona de l'Alfocada" 2021

The work of Alba G. Corral invites you to contemplate a butterfly in the L'Alfacada Lagoon, one of the main biodiversity reserves in the western Mediterranean located in the Delta de l'Ebre Natural Park. Papallona de l'Alfacada recreates through algorithms the beauty and fragility of a butterfly, the beauty and fragility of an ecosystem, our environment, our land. It preserves it for future generations since, without a drastic change in our environmental policies, they will only be able to enjoy it from the melancholic delicacy of the memory of Alba's work.

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